About Timmermans Verspaningstechniek

Timmermans Verspaningstechniek BV, which was founded in 1989 in Oudenbosch, has achieved substantial growth from the very start of our company down to today. We started working at three different locations, but as of 2002 we have bundled our activities in our beautiful company premises in Oudenbosch, at the address de Gorzen 17. And in the meantime, a second-generation the family Timmermans is working in the company. The transparent and family-style character of our company will therefore continue to be maintained in the future.

A bit of

We will gladly share more than 25 years of know-how and experience in milling technology with you!


We continually test and improve the quality of our work. It is not for nothing that we have been ISO certified according to NEN-ISO 9001 since 1993, and since 2016 according to the 9001-2015 standard. All components of our milling technology are continuously tested and improved. Our company management focuses on a safe, sustainable and efficient production of your products, and all employees, machines and tools must comply with this policy.


For working on your products, Timmermans Verspaningstechniek employs more than 40 milling specialists. For many companies it is a reassuring thought that, in case of an eventual calamity, they can call upon a reliable partner who, if necessary, stands ready for you around the clock. And when you work with Timmermans Verspaningstechniek, you can count on the capacity and know-how of a strong company, and on the involvement and flexibility of its milling team!

Know-how and experience

Timmermans Verspaningstechniek has proven its worth many times in the past, when it concerns the delivery of top quality. Exactly as we do for our regular customers, our milling team stands ready to deliver excellent quality to you. You can count on a perfect product, which has been produced with enthusiasm for you.

Are you interested in an appointment, a guided tour or a cost estimate? We look forward to hearing from you!


Sustainable entrepreneurship offers advantages to everyone. Timmermans Verspaningstechniek has increasingly specialized itself, so as to be able to develop the best possible, sustainable production processes. We have developed a fine-tuned logistics plan for all the traffic within the factory hall, including material ‘hotspots', speedy inward and outward transport routes, to and from the machines, and clearly indicated transport routes. All of this, so that we can manufacture still more quickly and efficiently, and including a clearly organized, clean shopfloor, which ensures a pleasant working environment.


Now and in the future.

Timmermans Verspaningstechniek, in close cooperation with its customers, has simply continued to grow, after taking its new factory premises into use in 2002. It was not for nothing that we selected the slogan ‘Size matters’ back then.

This conscious choice for not only small, but also large and even larger workpieces, has, during the past years, led to a strong expansion of the capacity of our machine park. As a consequence, our completely renewed factory hall, with its 2 overhead cranes of 25 tonnes each, has in the meantime been taken into use, which has made the logistic handling of workpieces substantially easier.

And we will also be making new and innovative investments in our machine park this year! Through the application of smart technology, it will be possible to provide 5-axis machining and (vertical) turning for products in a range from ø400 to ø800 mm, using a 12-pallet warehouse and with a minimum number of clamping procedures. Furthermore, Renishaw apply innovation, in cooperation with Timmermans Verspaningstechniek, will be responsible for the dimensional reporting on our machines, thereby ensuring that every product meets the desired specifications.

We gladly stand at your disposal, if you have any questions about this new and efficient production technology. And we will, of course, also gladly provide you with a non-binding cost estimate.

In short, Timmermans Verspaningstechniek is perfectly equipped for the future!

Benefit from the advantages, which Timmermans Verspaningstechniek can offer to you!

We always look forward to new challenges - (almost) nothing is too crazy!