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With Timmermans you are always at the right address.

Welcome in the world of Timmermans Verspaningstechniek - experts in milling technology. With more than 40 expert employees, who know and can do everything when it comes to milling, we are always ready to meet your requirements and will manufacture every workpiece in the most precise manner.

As far as we are concerned, almost no limitations have to be put on the format of the workpieces we produce. We constantly invest in machines, which are somewhat faster and smarter in each instance and, which can handle larger product formats, preferably with as little clamping as possible, of course. That will simplify your choice, in selecting a really good partner for milling technology.

Pictorial processing

Get an impression of the diversity of the products, and their wide range of dimensions, which are processed on our conventional and CNC processing equipment.

Our machine park

Regular investments in our machine park simplify your choice of a perfect partner for milling technology.

Would you like to know more about the work we do and the possibilities for your company?

Then take up contact with us. We will gladly provide you with detailed information, plan an appointment and/or make a non-binding offer.